Cowboy Cauldron The Ranch Boss Fire Pit & Grill, 220 LBS, 42″ Diameter • 40001-RANCH BOSS

Product Details

Even if it is not burning, just looking at the Ranch Boss gives you a feeling of confidence, quality, and timelessness. It is this, perhaps more even than its astonishing versatility and functionality, that sets the Cowboy Cauldron apart from everything else on the market. This is the one to buy, if you can. It is why they now grace some of the world’s most esteemed resort properties, vineyards, and hotels, as well as backyards, worldwide. If you want to get your inner Francis Mallman fired up, you can do layered fires. You can scald a hog, then cook it on a rotisserie. Or you can just look out the window and know that you have something sitting there that is the best in the world.


  • What’s Included
  • The Ranch Boss Cauldron
  • Tripod

  • Hang Chain

  • Aluminum Composite Rain Cover

  • Charcoal Grate

  • Charcoal Grate Support

  • Cooking Grill

  • Stainless Steel Cover Clips

  • Basin Weight: 220lbs
  • Basin Diameter: 42″

  • Tripod Weight: 84lbs

  • Tripod Height: 84” Point to Point / 79″ Tall


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