Coleman-Mach Mach 8 Plus Soft Start Air Conditioner w/ Heat Pump and Condenser Pump, 15K BTU, Black • 47024-099

Product Details

The Coleman-Mach Mach 8 Plus Soft Start Air Conditioner with Heat Pump and Condenser Pump is designed to provide superior cooling and heating performance in a sleek and aerodynamic package. With an ultra-low profile and industry-exclusive fiberglass basepan, this unit offers exceptional strength and durability while being lightweight. The MACH 8 Plus features advanced technology to reduce noise levels, improve heat transfer, and enhance overall efficiency. It outperforms competitors with its impressive BTU capacity and low ampere draws. Additionally, the built-in condensate water removal option simplifies maintenance.

– Ultra-Low Aerodynamic Profile
– Reduced Outdoor Fan Operational Noise – A Reduction Of 5+ Decibels
– Interior Fan Noise Is Less Comparable To Coleman-Mach Medium And Low Profile Units
– Robust, One-Piece Fan Motor And Fan Blade Venturi Design
– Improved Heat Transfer Across The Outdoor Coil
– BTU Capacity Increase With Low Ampere Draws
– Continues To Outperform All Competitive Models
– Built-In 100 Percent Condensate Water Removal Option
– Easy Replacement And Upgrade
– Limited 2 Year Warranty

– Mount: 14 Inch x 14 Inch Vent Openings
– BTU Level: 15000 BTU
– Cooling Type: Refrigerant Cooling
– Function: AC And Heating
– Height: Ultra Low Profile – 8-1/4 Inch
– Voltage Rating: 115 Volt
– Color: Black
– Ampere Rating: 13 Amp
– Evaporator Flow Rate: 300 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)
– With Condensate Pump
– Weight: 94 Pound
– With Soft Start
– Ceiling Assembly and Control Box Must Be Ordered Separately


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