Carefree of Colorado Replacement RV Awning Fabric Chocolate For 14′ Length Awnings • 80147B00

Product Details

This Carefree of Colorado Replacement RV Awning Fabric in Chocolate for 14′ Length Awnings is the perfect upgrade for your RV patio. With its superior construction featuring the most durable vinyl specs in the industry, this awning fabric is designed to provide long-lasting protection and style for your outdoor space.

– Type: RV Patio
– Fabric Color Family: Brown/ Tan
– Length (FT): 13 Feet 2 Inch
– Extension Length: 8 Feet
– Poly Cord Size (IN): 3/16 Inch
– Poly Cord Color: Gray
– Color: Chocolate Premium RT
– Weather Cover Color: White Weatherguard
– Material: Vinyl
– Double-Hemmed with Long-Lasting Gore Tenara Thread
– Embedded with an antimicrobial agent to stand up against mildew
– Fabrics stand up to the light, weather, and cleaners better than any other fabric
– Offers scaled proportional fabric patterns to match window awnings to patio awnings
– Lower portion of a vinyl canopy is usually brightly colored with stripes or fades
– Weatherguard protects the fabric from sun, scrapes, and exposure when the awning is rolled up
– Fabrics feature proportionally smaller patterns to enhance the entire look of the outside of your RV
– Limited 10 Year Warranty

Upgrade your RV awning with this high-quality replacement fabric that not only offers excellent protection but also adds a touch of style with its chocolate premium color. Enjoy the durability, antimicrobial properties, and easy maintenance of this replacement fabric, ensuring that your outdoor space remains looking its best for years to come.


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