Carefree of Colorado Replacement RV Awning Fabric Charcoal For 20′ Length Awnings • 80147C00

Product Details

This Carefree of Colorado Replacement RV Awning Fabric in Charcoal is designed specifically for 20′ length awnings, providing a stylish and durable upgrade for your RV patio. Crafted with the most durable vinyl specs in the industry, this fabric features superior construction that ensures long-lasting performance.

– Fabric Color Family: Black/ Gray/ Silver
– Length (FT): 19 Feet 2 Inch
– Extension Length: 8 Feet
– Poly Cord Size (IN): 3/16 Inch
– Poly Cord Color: Gray
– Color: Charcoal Premium RT
– Weather Cover Color: White Weatherguard
– Material: Vinyl

The lower portion of the vinyl canopy is elegantly designed, often featuring vibrant stripes or fades, adding a touch of style to your RV exterior. The included Weatherguard protects the fabric from sun damage, scrapes, and exposure when the awning is rolled up, ensuring longevity.

– Offers scaled proportional fabric patterns to match window awnings to patio awnings
– Fabrics feature proportionally smaller patterns for an enhanced overall aesthetic
– Double-hemmed with long-lasting Gore Tenara thread for added durability
– Embedded with an antimicrobial agent to prevent mildew growth
– Stands up to light, weather, and cleaners better than other fabrics
– Limited 10-year warranty for peace of mind


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