Bubba Rope Big Bubba Recovery Rope 1-1/4in X 30ft Orange Eyes • 176720ORG

Product Details

Custom-made for mud boggin’ and great for pulling large full size trucks and SUVs out of a sticky situation, Big Bubba ropes from Bubba Rope are extra-tough to get ‘er done! Due to their unique kinetic properties and polymer coating, these monster snatch ropes feature a breaking strength of over 52,300 lbs. Ooh-wee–that is strong! These Big Bubba ropes are made of 100 percent double braided nylon rope that is dipped in a durable polymer base coating for UV ray, water, and abrasion-resistant protection. So, go ahead and hit the trails with the confidence of knowing that if you get stuck, these Big Bubba ropes will come to the rescue!

  • Length – 30 Feet
  • Color: Orange
  • Fitment: Universal Fit
  • Width – 1-1/4 to 2 Inches
  • Load Rating: 52,300 lb working load limit


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