Brandmotion Universal 7.3″ LCD Display Mirror • FLTW-7692V2

Product Details

You probably haven’t seen an LCD Display Mirror like this before. This mirror is capable of displaying either a single camera feed on its bright 7.3” LCD screen, or dual camera views in split-screen mode on two 3.6” side-by-side screens. Either way, you get a new super-large image capability not seen in a rearview mirror before, or the versatility of two display screens side-by-side. Featuring 3 camera inputs, this mirror allows you to connect not just a reverse-triggered backup camera, but two additional video inputs.

  • Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Vehicle
  • High Quality OEM Finish
  • Utilizes Standard D-Tab Wedge Mount
  • Large, Vibrant 7.3″ Full Color Embedded Screen
  • 1280 x 390 Resolution 480p
  • 9″ Mirror
  • 3 Inputs (RCA) with Trigger Wires
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Format: NTSC and PAL
  • 10-16V Operating Voltage Range
  • Remote Included (Battery Sold Separately)
  • Not OnStar Compatible
  • Three Screens Embedded In The Mirror, 1 large 7″ Display and 2 Split 3.6″ Displays
  • Optional, Adjustable Parking Gridlines
  • On/Off Physical Button, 3 Touchscreen Buttons


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