Brandmotion Commercial Backup Sensor System • FLTW-3050

Product Details

Brandmotion’s newest Commercial Back-Up Sensor gives your fleet and commercial vehicles peace of mind knowing the exact distance from any rear obstacles or obstructions. These sensors have industry-leading accuracy and install in line with the bumper for a true OEM appearance and factory look. Upon putting the vehicle in reverse the driver will immediately have access to the latest safety technology. Each Brandmotion Commercial backup sensor kit includes in the box a digital display unit, sensors, and a wireless transmitter. The sensors not only detect objects behind the vehicle but also the distance between the vehicle and any obstacles.

  • Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Vehicle
  • High-Quality Design Allows For OEM-Like Final Installation
System Specifications
  • 4 Sensor System
  • Designed For Backup operation only
  • High Quality LED Display
  • Display Shows Distance Numerically And With Color Coding
  • Waterproof main unit for Outside Vehicle Mounting
  • Audible Alert Increase Frequency As Approaching Object
  • Under Bumper Sensor Mounting
  • Detection Range 1′ to 9.5′
  • 11′ Foot Sensor Harness Length
  • 49′ Display Harness Length
  • Professional Installation Always Recommended
  • DIY Installation Estimate: 180-240 Minutes
  • Professional Installation Estimate: 120-180 Minutes


  • This kit is designed for commercial vehicles

  • Includes a 49′ harness for commercial applications


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