Blue Sky Outdoor Living 360° Pillar of Flame Gas Patio Heater 42,000 BTU • PHPG8919B

Product Details

360° Pillar of Flame Gas Patio Heater 42,000 BTU. Extend your time in your outdoor living space with the light and warmth of this powerful heater.


  • This heater lights up the night and provides warmth to 20 square feet of your outdoor living space
  • Produces a pillar of fire that is contained in a heat resistant, extreme temperature glass tube, which will light up your patio

  • Push button ignition makes it easy to light

  • Temperature resistant knob allows you to control the heat output

  • Wheels make it easy to move

  • Operates on propane or butane

  • Holds a standard 20 lb propane tank

  • Safety feature: Flow of gas to the burner will automatically shut off if the heater is tipped

  • Black powder paint finish with stainless steel reflector

  • Assembly required

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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