Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 500 Evaporative Cooler • F-EV1-5001

Product Details

Heat can cripple your facility’s production and put your people at risk. For a rapid, effective response, rely on Cool-Space evaporative coolers. Combining powerful, quiet direct-drive fan technology with a water supply and saturated cooling medium, Cool-Space delivers instant airflow that lowers the air temperature of your space by up to 33 °F (18 °C), creating comfortable conditions that keep your people safe and productive.

– Ideal for large warehouses, service bays, and stadiums up to 6,500 ft2 (600 m2)
– 50-inch (127-cm) fan diameter
– 8-inch (20-cm) cooling media
– 64-gallon water reservoir
– Onboard LED control panel with occupancy sensor
– 5-year warranty


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