AP Products 12″ x 2″ Electric Brake Assembly • 014-122259-B

Product Details

The AP Products 12″ x 2″ Electric Brake Assembly (014-122259-B) is a high-quality driver-side brake assembly suitable for various trailers and towing applications. Crafted by AP Products, a trusted name in the industry, this electric brake assembly is designed to provide reliable stopping power for your trailer.

– Part Number: 014-122259-B
– Size: 12″ x 2″
– Position: Driver Side
– Compatibility: Fits 4,000 lb. to 7,000 lb. axles
– Type: Electric Brake Assembly
– Superior stopping power for safe towing
– Durable construction for long-lasting performance
– Designed for easy installation and maintenance
– Ensures smooth and consistent braking
– Ideal for trailers with medium to heavy loads
– Trust AP Products for your braking needs.


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