ADCO Designer Series Travel Trailer Cover (Gray with White Roof, Up to 34′) • 36846

Product Details

Designer Series Travel Trailer Cover (Gray with White Roof, Up to 34′). 2 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Trailer Type: Standard
  • Trailer Length: Up to 34′
  • Cover Material: Polypropylene
  • Cover Color: Gray
  • Designed for all climates and moderate wind
  • Features durable high performance all climate Olefin HDTM top panel and triple layer polypropylene sides with a designer contemporary aesthetic
  • Significantly reduces premature aging of RV and helps maintain resale value
  • Keeps roof clean to reduce black-streaks from forming on sides of RV
  • Reduces need for washing, waxing and roof treatments
  • Breathable to prevent mold and mildew
  • Protection against harmful UV rays that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your RV
  • Zipper entry doors easily roll up to allow access during covered storage
  • Extra reinforcements throughout cover significantly reduce snags and tears
  • Roof fabric partially extends down the front, back and sides of the cover for extra protection
  • Extra adhesive reinforcement material
1 x Cover
1 x Rain gutter spout covers to prevent covers
1 x Storage bag
1 x Ladder Cap to prevent contact with cover
1 x Weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation


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