ADCO Designer Series Travel Trailer Cover (Gray with White Roof, Up to 28’6″) • 36844

Product Details

The ADCO Designer Series Travel Trailer Cover is designed to provide optimum protection for your standard travel trailer measuring up to 28’6″ in length. Constructed with durable polypropylene material in an attractive gray color with a white roof, this cover offers a combination of style and functionality to safeguard your RV in various weather conditions.

– Trailer Type: Standard
– Trailer Length: Up to 28’6″
– Cover Material: Polypropylene
– Cover Color: Gray

– Designed for all climates and moderate wind
– High performance Olefin HD top panel and triple layer polypropylene sides
– Reduces premature aging and maintains RV resale value
– Keeps roof clean to prevent black-streaks
– Minimizes the need for frequent washing, waxing, and roof treatments
– Breathable design to prevent mold and mildew
– Protection against harmful UV rays
– Zipper entry doors for easy access during storage
– Extra reinforcements to reduce snags and tears
– Extended roof fabric for additional coverage on front, back, and sides
– Includes additional adhesive reinforcement material

– 1 x Cover
– 1 x Rain gutter spout covers
– 1 x Storage bag
– 1 x Ladder Cap
– 1 x Weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation

Ensure the long-term protection and preservation of your travel trailer with the ADCO Designer Series Travel Trailer Cover, a premium solution designed to enhance the lifespan and appearance of your RV.


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