ADCO Designer Series Travel Trailer Cover (Gray with White Roof, Up to 20′) • 36840

Product Details

Throw this storage cover over your travel trailer to protect it while you’re storing it for the season. The contoured cover conforms to the shape of your trailer and secures with the integrated straps so it won’t flap in the wind.

– Cover shields your travel trailer from the elements during long-term storage
– Lessens the need for frequent washing, waxing, and roof treatments
– Extends the life of your trailer and helps maintain resale value
– White Olefin top panel blocks harmful UV rays that can cause cracking and fading
– Beads water on contact to eliminate black streaks and corrosion
– Stops dirt and dust particles from caking onto the surface of your travel trailer
– Triple-layer polypropylene side panels are non-abrasive and breathable
– Gray sidewall design provides your trailer with a contemporary look
– Contoured design conforms to the shape of your trailer for a custom-fit look
– Integrated straps and ropes prevent the cover from flapping in the wind and damaging your trailer
– Weighted straps buckle underneath your trailer to secure the cover
– Cinch ropes at the front and rear of the cover remove any excess slack
– Zippered panels on the passenger’s side give you easy access to the inside of your trailer
– Built-in vents reduce the interior buildup of mold and mildew
– Ladder cap and rain gutter covers help keep the cover from tearing at those sharp points
– Included storage bag lets you stash the cover away at the start of the camping season

– Application: travel trailers that are 18’ 1” – 20’ long
– Overall dimensions: 20’ 3” long x 8’ 4” wide x 8’ tall
– 3-Year warranty


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